About Me

My Background

I have lived in Leamington all my life and went to St John’s School. I now live in Grenadine Gardens with my boyfriend Darren and our dog, Sprinkles.

Work and Study

I am currently studying towards my level 2 catering exams with the aim of growing my baking business in the future. In the meantime I work at the Silver Spoon Café, and make cakes for my lovely customers!

Baking and Me

I have loved cake all my life! I started baking with my mum when I was a little girl and have been hooked ever since. I love learning how to create new and different types of cake, designing different decorations and finding fresh inspiration and challenges.

My Kitchen

I bake all my cakes at home in my own kitchen. I’m love having a small kitchen where I can get to everything easily, and I’m lucky to have an oven with a really even temperature.

Hygiene is of course really important when preparing food and baking. I have studied food safety as part of my catering course and passed my safe food handling course before working at the Silver Spoon Café. I ensure my kitchen and all my cooking methods meet commercial kitchen hygiene standards.

Get In Touch

I’m always happy to talk cake! You can contact me by phone or email, or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.